Discover South-Lombok

Go on adventure, walk through the nature, mix yourself among the locals and enjoy South-Lombok

Besides surfing, there is a lot to do in the south of Lombok. Too many to mention actually, so Heartbeach Lombok selected a few highlights. If you would like to receive some more information about the area, please contact us and we will give you some extra tips.

Some highlights:

In Kuta Lombok you can do a workshop with a silversmith, where you can make your own ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings out of silver. The silversmith guides you through the process and ensures your jewellery looks as you wish. The price for the workshop depends on what you desire to make, the amount of silver needed, and whether special gemstones or pearls are added.

In addition it is possible to order jewellery (rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings) in silver or gold. You can design your own jewellery and choose whether you want to add gemstones or pearls to your jewellery.

Gili Nanggu is a small island on the west coast of Lombok, also known as ‘Paradise Island’. It is only 12.5 hectares, surrounded by a beautiful white sandy beach and a clear blue ocean. It is forbidden to fish in this area, making it even better for snorkelling: on the east side you will mainly find tropical fish, and in the south coral. Even turtles are spotted regularly! It is a quiet island, and you walk around the whole island easily.

In Kuta you can book a day trip to Gili Nanggu, where you will not only visit Gili Nanggu, but also Gili Sudan and Gili Kedis. Another option is to drive to the west coast, book a boat and spend the night on one of the islands.

In Kuta Lombok, there is a local market every Wednesday- and every Sunday morning. This local market is certainly worth a visit! You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, chicken, but also clothes, tobacco, toys and hygienic products. Learn a few sentences of Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) and you will have a great experience! Important for woman: since Lombok remains Islamic and the local population appreciates it when you respect their culture, it is better to wear a sarong or long pants and make sure your shoulders are covered when visiting the local market.

If you like culture and want to get in contact with the locals in one of the traditional villages, it is definitely worth it to visit Sade, Ende or Sukarare. There are guides present to tell you everything about the culture, and the women show you how to make a sarong. It is very important for them to know how to make a sarong, otherwise the Sasak-women are not allowed to marry! They are happy to share their knowledge with you, and you can also make some stitches in a sarong yourself.

If you want to explore the ‘jungle’ and refresh yourself at the waterfalls, you can book a day trip to Benang Kelambu/Benang Stokel. These waterfalls are situated near the foot of the Rinjani, a 1 to 1,5 hour drive from Kuta. Note: the volcano area is rainy and the road is not always easily accessible. Please be careful if you want to drive there by scooter. On the spot you have the choice how many waterfalls you want to visit. The first two/three waterfalls are close to the entrance, while the other waterfalls are a bit more far. Therefor you need to climb a little through the jungle to reach them. In addition you will see more of the natural environment. Be warned if you walk around with bananas though: the monkeys love them!

There is a lot to discover in the south of Lombok. You can do this either by scooter (so you are very flexible!), or you can rent a car or drive around with a private driver. You can visit many beaches in the area (the most popular ones include: Tanjung Aan, Are Guling, Mawun, Mawi, Selong Belanak), drive through the rice fields or walk around in the villages (please wear proper clothes!). Undoubtedly you will be ‘stuck in traffic’ by crossing buffalo’s or by a traditional Sasak wedding where everyone walks in a procession on the street. Feel free to join in the wedding – the locals love it! But wherever you go: do not forget to enjoy the beautiful views along the way.