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Please inform us about your level when you book a surf lesson / package with us. It is important for us to know what you can do already, so we can organise your lesson accordingly.

This way we make the lesson as interesting and as fun as possible, both for you and for your instructor! 

My first wave Selong Belanak.JPG

"I have never surfed before, but I would like to give it a try and see if it's something for me."


​Woohoo! It's time for your first surf lesson. We're super excited for you!


You will learn/focus on:

  • The basics of surfing

  • What is a surfboard

  • How to be safe in the water & protect yourself

  • How to paddle into a wave

  • How to pop up on the board

  • How to ride a wave and keep your balance on the board

Surf in Tanjung Aan.jpg

"I tried surfing before, but I still need to work on the basics. I want to focus on my balance and positioning on the board, and I want to learn how to surf green waves."​

You will improve:

  • Your take off

  • Your paddling technique

  • Your balance and positioning on the board

You will learn/focus on: 

  • How to catch and ride unbroken waves ("green waves")

  • Angling your board before you pop up and how to follow the wave

Surf Camp South Lombok.JPG

"I am catching unbroken green waves, can pop up and know how to follow the wave. I want to focus on making speed and controlling my board better."


You will improve: 

  • Your flexibility on the board

  • Controlling your board

  • Your paddling technique

You will learn/focus on: 

  • How to read a wave

  • The different parts of a wave

  • The basics of accelerating and slowing down on the wave

Palm leaf




"I can surf by myself and am independent in the line up. I want to focus on reading waves and doing bottom turns and top turns." 


You will improve:

  • Your paddling technique

  • Your take off and pop up (to be faster)

  • Reading waves

You will learn/focus on: 

  • How to make speed in the wave

  • How to do bottom turns and top turns

  • Dividing your balance on your board

  • Using your arms and introduction to upper body movements

Advanced surfer Lombok.JPG

"I can catch waves easily and know when to take off. I want to focus on learning/improving bottom and top turns, cutbacks, floaters, re-entries etc."

You will improve: 

  • Reading waves

  • Generating speed in the wave

You will learn/focus on: 

  • Upper body movements

  • Feet positioning during manoeuvres

  • How to divide your balance

  • Manoeuvres of your choice: bottom turn/top turn/cutback/floaters/re-entry

Palm leaf



Sea shell Lombok
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