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We are happy to introduce our smiling faces to you! One by one passionated about surfing, enthusiastic, fun, and a little bit crazy too. As a team we aim to create an unforgettable experience for you. We wanna invite you to become part of our Heartbeach Family and experience surfing the local way!


Please meet our instructors Bul, Illy, Macado, Niko, Black berry, Wadi, Kewel & Jhony:

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Bul is the one in control. He has a big passion for the ocean: if he is not surfing, he is out fishing. You will recognise him by his big smile and his overwhelming positive energy. Bul surfs his way through life!

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Illy is our head coach, who spends most time of his day in the ocean. He loves big swells, exploring new surf spots and doing tricks on his board. Illy likes to challenge himself, and the ocean is his favourite place to do that!

Surf coach Kuta Lombok_edited_edited.jpg


Macado is one of the best surfers around! When he was younger he even won national championships. Now he still loves to surf as much as he can, and if you see someone performing a 360 it's most probably him!

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Niko is like a fish in the water, he can surf for hours and hours. And if he is not surfing, he will be skating on the streets to work on his surf skills. Niko is a real surf addict who shares his love for surfing everywhere he goes!

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Black berry surfs already for many, many years and he knows the best spots around! Surfing is his way to be free, enjoy life and be active. The ocean is his home, and he doesn’t wanna have it any other way.

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Wadi loves surfing left-handers on mid tide, preferably during a big swell. He is training often to improve his surf skills for the upcoming competitions and he is thrilled for all that is coming his way!

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Kewel is passionate about surfing small waves, always enjoying the ride! He is our special surf instructor for beginners, forever in a good mood and super excited to get you started too!

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Jhony lives for his daily surf sessions, being most happy when he is at a surf spot. And even happier when he can share his passion with you. Jhony really makes a party out of every day, in and out the ocean!

Your surf adventure with us is made complete by the incredible individuals who form the backbone of our little family. Allow us to introduce you to our dedicated non-surfing crew – a team of unsung heroes who will all welcome you with open arms and warm smiles. 

Please meet Gher, Nyaman, Pina, Ratna, Mila, Amaq Ucung, Chutong, Pak Tuan, Perman & Dadi: 

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Gher is our manager.

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Nyaman is always stand by in our shop.

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Pina is housekeeping in our Surf & Stay.

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Ratna is housekeeping in our Surf & Stay.

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Mila is housekeeping in our Surf & Stay.

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Amaq Ucung security in our Surf & Stay.

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Chutong is one of our drivers.

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Pak Tuan  is one of our drivers.

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Perman is one of our drivers.

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Dadi is the captain of our boat.

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