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Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in surfing with the Heartbeach Lombok Surf Academy!

Before booking your lesson(s)/packages/guiding sessions with us we would like to ask you to read our general terms and conditions carefully. We can’t make our terms and conditions more fun for you to read, but we will do our very best to give you an amazing surf experience!

Our general terms and conditions

In the following conditions, “you”, “your”, or “participant” refers to the first named person on the reservation and all persons on whose behalf a reservation is made. “We”, “us”, “our” or “the surf academy” refers to Heartbeach Lombok Surf Academy, and when you make a reservation, your booking is with us. When making a booking you accept our general terms and conditions. 


1. Responsibility first named person on the booking

By making a reservation,  you - as the first named person on the booking - agree on behalf of all participants in the booking that: 

  • You are in good medical condition before participating in the surf lesson. If there are (1) any medical issues that may affect the safety of the participants in the water (such as disabilities, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, heart problems, recent injuries, hearing problems and vision problems) or (2) any special needs we need to be aware of (such as medication), you report them to us. We kindly request you to inform us directly when making the booking, so we prepare and act accordingly. If you are unsure whether you or one of the participants can participate due to possible health problems, we kindly request you to visit a doctor before making a booking;

  • You are physically fit and have swimming skills. If this is not the case, you inform us at the time of booking;

  • You will advise us about special requests at the time of booking. If we receive the request later on we cannot guarantee the request will be met and any failure to do so will not be a breach of contract on our part;

  • You accept financial responsibility for the payment of the booking on behalf of all participants in the booking.

2. Rates and terms of payment

All prices shown are stated in Indonesian Rupiah. To reserve a surf lesson or package with us, please check whether we have availability. If you want to secure your reservation you will need to make an online deposit. Therefore, you will receive an overview of your reservation via email or WhatsApp which includes the payment information. We will always check the currency conversion on Wise ( 

If you make a reservation with us at our surf shop we will ask you to pay your booking in cash directly. This may be a deposit at first, but always make sure you pay fully for your lesson in advance. 

Once the payment is received (either via transfer or cash) we will confirm your booking. We will do this by sending you a confirmation via email or WhatsApp. 

The prices of the surf lessons, packages, guiding sessions that we offer may change. However, when your booking has been confirmed and the course has been paid, the price will not change anymore. 

3. Changes in the booking

If you want to change your booking, we will allow the changes if possible.

If you are not able to attend the surf lesson, the booking can be transferred to a different participant if he/she meets all the requirements of the original booking. 

If you want to add an extra participant to your booking, you should always check with us whether there is enough space available. You can contact us via email ( or WhatsApp (+62 853 3895 5800) to check the availability. The price of your booking may be higher or lower with the changes you request, but please keep in mind that fewer participants not necessarily results in a lower booking price. 


4. Cancellation of the booking by us

We reserve the right to cancel the booking if you refuse to follow the instructions of our employees or if your behaviour is upsetting or disruptive. We may also cancel the booking at any time if your behaviour endangers or in any way hinders other participants, employees or a third party, or if property of the surf academy or of others is damaged. We will not pay any refund, compensation or other sum whatsoever or any costs or expenses incurred by you if we have to cancel the rest of your booking due to such unacceptable behaviour. 

In addition, we reserve the right to cancel a booking for medical reasons if it is likely that medical problems will affect your safety. If we believe that participating in a surf lesson could endanger your health due to levels of fitness, we will request a medical check up (at your costs) to be sure we can take you surfing. We reserve the right to cancel the booking if the results show us the situation is questionable.

5. Cancellation of the booking because of Force Majeure

We are not responsible for consequences of situations that are beyond our control, which affect the performance of the contract. Circumstances amounting to these situations of “force majeure” include, but are not limited to, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, flights affected by volcano smoke, floods, landslides, tsunamis, storms and hurricanes, war or threat of war, government actions, actual or threaten terrorist activity, fire, strikes, civil disturbances, riots, industrial disputes, epidemic, pandemic or similar situations beyond our control. In such circumstances, we are constrained to make a significant change in your booking or cancel your booking. In the case of cancellation, compensation will not be payable.   

6. Cancellation of the booking by you

If you want to cancel the whole booking, an email needs to be sent to In addition, you inform us via WhatsApp (+62 853 3895 5800). Since we incur costs in cancelling your booking, the following cancellation charges will be payable by you:


If you want to cancel a part of the booking (for example one of the surf sessions from a package you booked), we always focus on finding another day to reschedule the lesson to. However, if this is not possible due to your travel schedule, a cancellation fee might apply. The following cancellation charges will be payable by you: 


Please note: we do not give any money back when you want to stop surfing before the 2,5 hours have ended or when you were injured during the lesson. Besides, we also do not refund any money if you book a lesson of another level than recommended by us (for example you are a total beginner and book an intermediate lesson while we strongly recommend to take a beginner lesson and this advice is ignored). 

7. Poor surfing conditions

We are not responsible for poor surfing conditions. We will always try our best to look for the best surf spots that suit your level, depending on the conditions of the day. However, sometimes poor conditions or low quality waves make it impossible to surf. In that case our employee can provide/continue the lesson on the beach, or the lesson will be delayed to later on the day or rescheduled to another day (this will be decided by our employee). In the event of a reschedule, we will give you a choice of alternative data. 

8. Our surf lessons

Our lessons include transport from your accommodation in Kuta area to the beach where you will surf and back, surf equipment, surf instructor, an UV-protective shirt and the boat if necessary. In case you do not want to make use of our transport service, we expect you to be at the surf school 15 minutes before the start of the surf lesson with your scooter or other form of transport. 

In the line up, please stay close to our instructors as they will take you to the right spots, especially if you are a beginner or an intermediate surfer. Our surf instructors and general manager reserve the right to decide which surf spot to go to. The maximum time for each surf lesson is 2,5 hours. Of course you can stop surfing earlier if you want to, this is your own choice (please read Clause 6). 


During the surf lesson you can leave your stuff behind behind in the warung on the beach or in the boat. However, we take no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen items. 


9. Use and rental of our surf equipment

When booking a lesson, package or guiding session with us, insurance for your surf equipment is included as long as you follow the instructions of your instructor. Please be aware that it is always your own responsibility to return your surf equipment to your instructor after the surf lesson - if you lose a rash guard or leash on the beach for example, you will be held responsible. 

Board insurance is not included in our surf lessons, packages and guiding sessions if your instructor did not push you into the wave or encouraged you to take off by yourself. If something happens in this situation, we will always use the surfer rules of priority and boards handling. The examined cost of repair is determined by the ding repair shop. When boards are completely snapped, we hold the right to charge you the full amount of the board, depending on the age and condition of the board. 

The above also applies to losing, damaging or breaking fins, leashes and rash guards (UV-protective shirts). Payment for any loss, damage or breakage must be made to us or our supplier at the time that it occurs. 

We love our surf equipment and we worked hard for our small collection. Please handle our boards, fins, leashes and rash guards with care and treat them as if they are your own.

Please note: surf experience is required if you want to rent a surfboard from the surf academy without booking a surf lesson. 

​10. Health

It is important that you are in good medical condition before and during the surf lesson. You must notify us at the time of booking in case there are any diseases or disabilities (such as diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, heart problems, recent injuries, hearing problems, vision problems, etc.) that may affect the participation. If you are unsure whether you can participate due to possible health problems, we kindly request you to visit a doctor before making a booking, and show us an approval letter from the doctor if necessary. 

In case you need medication, you are required to bring the medication to the lesson. You must inform our instructors about the medicine, and how to use it. Please keep in mind that some surfing locations are remote and that there is not always civilisation around.

We reserve the right to reject bookings for medical reasons if it is likely that the medical problems will affect the safety of the participant.

11. Fitness

Surfing requires a certain degree of general fitness and swimming skills. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you have the levels of fitness required for any activity you choose to participate in. If you are not sure about your own level of fitness, please consult a doctor. If we believe it is in the interests of your health to not participate in our surf lessons, we will cancel your booking (see Clause 4).

12. Risk acknowledgement and health insurance

Surfing, like many adventure- and watersport activities, includes a certain degree of risk. We are not liable for any accidents, injuries or death that may occur during surfing and surfing-related activities. We can assist you in one of the clinics or hospitals in Lombok if something happens, however, we do not accept a claim for the medical bill and other costs during the medical treatment of the participant.

Please make sure you have a good medical insurance to cover any (health-related) issues that may arise during your travels. It is your own responsibility to ensure that your insurance policy reimburses any possible (emergency) accidents in the watersport activities in which you will participate. Keep in mind that you may need a specific insurance to cover injuries while surfing.


13. Travel documents, vaccinations and travel insurance

You are responsible for organising the necessary documents and visas for your trip to Indonesia. Please make sure your passport is still valid and you apply for your visa on time if necessary. 

When you travel to Indonesia, please check any vaccinations you may need. DTP and hepatitis A are amongst the vaccinations recommended to have when traveling to Indonesia. 

Besides a health insurance we do recommend you to purchase a travel insurance. A travel insurance can help cover travel cancellation costs and broken or stolen items for example. As you never know what happens while travelling, a travel insurance is always good to have. 

14. The use of photo and video material

We regularly take photos and videos of our lessons. We reserve the right to use these images for publicity or promotional purpose such as website, flyers, brochures, social media and other promotional material. When you participate in our surf lesson(s) and/or guiding session(s), you agree with us using these images. In addition, you agree that the copyright of the material lies with authorized parties. If you do not agree, please send an email to

15. Complaints

Our goal is to give you a pleasant surfing experience without any problems. If you have a problem or complaint, it is important and in your own interest that you report this immediately to one of our employees thereby giving us the opportunity to remedy the problem. We cannot accept any liability whatsoever if we are not informed immediately. If your complaint cannot be resolved during your surf lessons with us, you can notify us via email ( within 7 days after surfing with us. We will do everything to offer you a suitable alternative. However, we will not accept liability for claims received after 7 days.

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